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Julien GERARD, travel and report photographer

Born in 1980 in Strasbourg, I began my career as a Marseille Naval Fire Battalion Officer and then as an ambulance driver (in both the private sector and the Urgent Medical Aid Service). This period instilled in me an appreciation for others and the need to share.

Photography became a part of my life near the age of 12 when my uncle taught me the basics and regularly loan his Olympus OM 10 (silver). I thus took my first steps.

As a professional photographer since 2008, I have travelled throughout the world to meet my clients' needs. I regularly prolong my stays abroad in order to bring back more personal and unique images that focus on human experience.

In 2009, I went to Benin to fulfill a photo order. Since then, I have been intimately tied to this country. Each year I return. In 2012, I did a tour of the country by motorcycle - approximately 3,000 km.

In 2015, I launched the Change Face project. The scope of this cultural and artistic project aims to offer a strong visual testimony to "distant populations" whose traditions involve "changing their face" through ancestral customs like scarification, tattooing, piercing... The first phase of "Change Face" was carried out in the north of Benin with the Betamaribe people. In the context of my photography projects, such as Change Face, I collaborate regularly with brands in the world of photography. I therefore joined the ambassador program of the Manfrotto brand. I also work with SanDisk and Nikon.

The terrain is my studio.